College Administration
Saidu Medical College Swat is administered by a Principal/Dean who is appointed by Health Department, Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. He is helped by Vice Principals, other senior faculty members of the college and the academic council.
1. He will ensure that all leave of the clinical staff is properly maintained and recorded and sent to the office of the Principal,
2. He will ensure that proper teaching schedule has being carried out in Teaching Hospitals for the medical students of SMC
3. He will ensure that maternity duties of the students is done in a proper way and well organized
He will undertake morning rounds daily of the college and ensure that all officials come on time and no absenteeism is observed. He will be responsible for the punctuality of all staff of the college
The Principal/Dean will:
Carry out all academic, administrative and financial responsibilities assigned to him by the health department
Represent the College at Institutional Management Council and other necessary forums
3. Discharges all academic duties entrusted to him and deals with all the matters of academic interest in the Institution at all time
4. Draw and promulgate the detailed teaching program for students in accordance with the decisions of the Academic Council and Pakistan Medical & Dental Council.
5. Approve the agenda of the meetings of the college academic Council.
6. The Principal/ Vice Principal will sign and issue academic certificates in respect of the students
7. Preside over the various academic functions of the college.
8. Be responsible for the compilation of all medical education and research data in the institution.
9. Carries out all other duties that may be assigned to him from time to time by the Govt./ Institutional Management Committee
S.No Name Responsibilities
1. Professor Dr. Israr ul Haq Principal/Chief Executive
2. Mr. Khurshid Anwar PS to Principal/Chief Executive
3. Professor Dr. Sahibzada Saeed Jan Vice Principal (Administration)
4. Professor Dr. Samiullah Vice Principal (Clinical)
5. Professor Dr. Naik Zada Vice Principal (Academics)
6. Professor Dr.Amreek Lal Chief Provost
7. Dr. Izaz ur Rahman Chief Proctor
8. Dr. Naeemullah Transport Officer
9. Dr. Mehreen Deputy Chief Proctor (Female)
10. Mr.Syed Muhammad Naeem Director Academics & Students Affairs Section
11. Dr. Assadullah Chairman Library Committee
12. Mr. Sarzamin Khan Lecture Islamiat, Legal Affairs
13. Ms. Fauzia Begum Warden Female
14. Mr. Amir Zeb Bacha Computer Programmer/Head of IT Deptt:
15. Mr. Taj Muhammad Accounts Officer
16. Mr. Muhammad Ayub Khan Assistant(BPS-16) Establishment Section
17. Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Acting Librarian
18. Mr. Bakht Muneer Junior Clerk/Hostel Affairs
19. Mrs Fazeelat Waqar House Keeper
20. Mr. Danishmand Khan Store Keeper