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Teaching Hospital of Saidu Medical College Swat

Saidu Teaching Hospital Saidu Sharif Swat is declared as Teaching Hospital of Saidu Medical College Swat, Vide Notification No. SOH-II/2-58/2000/PMDC, dated September 25, 2000.        

Upgradation/Development of Saidu Teaching Hospital for the purpose of teaching hospital of Saidu Medical College is under process and will be completed soon. Its final look and facilities are given below.

        • Total No of 1225 beds in various departments.
        •  OPDs for all disciplines.
        •  ICU & CCU
        •  Private rooms.
        •  7 number operation theaters.
        •  Hostels for Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics
        •  Services for the hospitals kitchen, Cafeteria
        •  Doctor’s family accommodation.
        •  Play Grounds & Recreation area