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The students of Saidu Medical College Swat come from both abroad and across Pakistan, so hostel facilities is provided in the college premises with a capacity of 400 students i.e 150 Girls Students and 250 Boys Students.

Boys Hostel
Girls Hostel

Hostel Regulation(2020-21 )


Since residency in hostel is a privilege and not a right, therefore accommodation is offered to
the deserving students subject to the availability of the Seats in the hostel.

2. Hostel Admission/Discipline 

Students seeking admission in hostel shall apply for a seat to Provost on the prescribed form. 

Only those students, who are on the roll of the college may be allowed admission in the hostel.Student may not be allowed to stay in hostel once they appear in the final Professional MBBS examination. However, the failed students who will appear in the supplementary
Examination may formally request for allotment of seat in hostel, the seat may be allotted subject to availability of accommodation and on extra payment as per rule
c. Passport size photo to be affixed on the hostel admission form.

The Warden of hostel on the bases of Merit/Seniority will allot the seat and the students shall come under the disciplinary/Supervision of the hostel management. e. A student who gets admission on the hostel shall occupy her room within 7 days. A student who fails to turn up within this period will forfeit his right of admission.


The Provost has the right to refuse admission in the hostel to student whose past record in thehostel is not satisfactory/favourable