Faculty Members

S.No Name of Doctor Qualification Designation Faculty Reg No.
1. Dr.Naik Zada MBBS,MCPS(Sur:) FCPS(Sur:), M.Phil Professor 4960/5972-N/M
3. Dr. Inayatullah MD, M.Phil Associate Professor 13402/7193-N/M
2. Dr. Asadullah MBBS, MCPS,FCPS,M.Phil Assistant Professor 4958/4481-N/M
4. Dr. Shaheen Mohmand MBBS Pr. Demonstrator 4954/5378-N/M
5. Dr. Muhammad Amin MBBS Sr. Demonstrator 14754/8557-N/M
6. Dr. Sultan Mahmood MD Sr. Demonstrator 19871/8190-N/M
7. Dr. Musa Khan MBBS Sr. Demonstrator 25166/9820-N/M
8. Dr. Inayatullah MBBS Demonstrator 32914/14445-N
9. Dr. Kaleemullah MBBS Demonstrator 26289/22361-N/M
10. Dr. Adnan MBBS Demonstrator Applied F.R
11. Dr. Imran Ashraf MBBS Demonstrator 31066/21648-N/M
12. Dr. Amanullah MBBS Demonstrator 30982/22480-N/M
13. Dr. Faiza Maab MBBS Demonstrator Applied for F.R

Anatomy Department is one of the major Department of the college. It was established in 1998 with the start of the Saidu Medical College. It is equipped with all modern teaching aids like Multimedia Projector, Epidiascope cum slide Projector, Teaching Microscopes, Film Projectors, Over Head Projectors. All the micro technique equipments like tissue processor, microtome, tissue bath, tissue oven etc are also present for teaching as well as for preparation of histological teaching slides. There are also the research facilities in the department for Post-Graduation in the subject of embryology & histology & other sub specialties of the subject.

Anatomy Department plays a pivotal role in preparing students for higher medical education. The staff of the Department is actively involved in achieving this goal,