Faculty Members

S.No Name of Doctor Qualification Designation Faculty Reg. No
1. Dr. Mir Alam Afridi MBBS Pr. Demonstrator 4950/4158-N/M
2. Dr. Ihsanuddin MBBS Sr. Demonstrator 14783/12763-N/M
3. Dr. Rahmat Ali MD Demonstrator Applied for for F.R
4. Dr. Muhammad Arshad Khan MBBS Demonstrator 31051/19665-N/M
5. Dr. Noor Rahman MD Demonstrator 31403/12390-N/M
6. Dr. Sikandar Ali MBBS Demonstrator 26257/19683-N/M
7. Dr. Asghar Ali Khan MBBS Demonstrator ---
Department of Forensic Medicine was established in 2001, after the promotion of 1st  batch of the college to 3rd Year MBBS.The Department has a Museum containing Models, a Demonstration Room for students and a Medicologal examination room and is attached to Hospital Mortuary (past Mortem exam Room) for conducting autopsies