SMC Library Rules
1. Books are issued on the provision of Library Card. No book will be issued without library card
2. Eight books issued for one year. Reference books will not be issued
3. No student is allowed to issue book on the name of other student or staff member
4. New library card will issue on the same day
5. Duplicate card will issue in three working days
6. A fee Rs. 50/- will be charged for duplicate card
7. Entering in Student library, students should keep their belongings  in circulation desk
8. General books are issued for 15 days
9. Students are not allowed to take any book from the library for their class lectures
Books are lent in good condition. It will be inspected on return. If the pages are missing, marked or  underlined it will not be accepted. The borrower will be charged double cost of the book
11. Membership Form