Our mission is to provide an affordable, easily accessible education of high quality and conduct programs of education, research & public service to advance medical knowledge and improve the health of people of the area and country.
To enhance student learning experience, strengthen the institutional research and development and  continue a focus on diversity and positive climate. To strengthen the faculty, develop a standard  in the college and hospital management, we are trying to provide a healthier learning environment and modern facilities to Undergraduate & Postgraduate medical students.
To serve the health care needs of the area and Pakistan by educating the medical students to the highest international standards and stimulating innovation through research.


  • To achieve a sustainable development, advances in the health sciences to cure and relieve the symptoms of illnesses, diseases on one hand and to promote standard of health, life and fast social prosperity in a thriving environment on the other hand.
  • To respond effectively to ever changing needs of society through its research prgorammes, education and curricula.
  • To improve research abilities of the students up to the highest international standards of medical education on one hand and  reduce deaths and deformities on the other hand.
  • To respect the values  and goals of human society by embracing principles of justice, equality to all human beings, internationalism and by acknowledging and fasting individual achievements.

To achieve a sustainable development in the field of academics, research, planning and management of the Saidu Medical College and Saidu Teaching Hospital, Swat.

Core Values

·          Professional attitude: To develop an environment where student’s interests are higher than the teacher’s interests and patients interests are higher than the doctor’s interests.
·          Discipline: To respect the order of command, regular in time, wear uniform and I.D Badge.
·          Team work:To help one another to make the institution name high at the international level.