Rules Regarding Payment of Fees

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  1. All students must pay their fees/dues by the date(s) fixed by the Principal of the concerned college. If any student is unable to pay the dues on the due date, he/she must seek the permission of the Principal for extension of the last date of paying the dues. If the fee is not paid one month after the due date, the defaulters in category A will be fined rupees 30/- per day, and those in category B & C will be fined Rs. 120 per day.  * Fines once levied will not be condoned.
  2. If the defaulter fails to clear the dues 60 days after the last due date, the candidate’s name will be struck off from the college roll. The candidate may appeal to the college authorities for readmission in the same session. The college authorities may allow readmission on compassionate grounds only after payment of Rs. 10,000/- for category A students and Rs. 50,000/- for category B & C students. This will be in addition to the college normal fees and other subscriptions. * Fines once levied will not be condoned.
  3. The student who is detained or has failed to pass the examination in both Annual/Supplementary shall have to pay prescribed fees and other subscriptions in full for the class in which he/ she has failed.
  4. All those students who have passed/failed in supplementary examination must seek their admission/re-admission forthwith just after the declaration of the result of their classes. All those Students who failed to comply with the above rule (3) will not be allowed to attend the classes Or appear in the examination.
  5. Fees once paid shall not be refunded including those of migration cases, but in the case of student who is prevented by the illness or other reasons beyond his/her control from attending the college for most of the year for which he/she may be exempted from payment of the whole or part of amount of fee for the year in which such a student re-joins the college. The levy, accounting and disposal of caution money will be at the disposal of the Principal.
  6. The name of a student, who has not paid/cleared all the dues of the college, will not be entered in the admission register, nor will he/she be allowed to attend the classes or appear in the examination.
  7. If the security deposited is not claimed within a period of 6 months of the date of leaving the college, then it shall not be refundable and will be credited to the benevolent fund maintained by the college for its students.
  8. Those students who use the college vehicle for pick and drop, monthly fees will be charged in accordance with the distance from the college. The amount of fee will be decided by the Academic Council from time to time.