Department of General ICU

Dr. Misal Khan (HOD)

The Intensive Care Unit was established in 2019 at Saidu Teaching Hospital. It is the only Fully equipped intensive care unit in the Malakand Division. Our unit is well equipped with an adequate number of Cardiac Monitors, Defibrillators, ventilators, portable ultra sound machine, portable ventilator and portable X-Ray machine.;We manage all critical patients of Medicine, Surgery and Allied who needs intensive care. The Role of ICU in COVID 19 pandemic was acknowledged by high Authorities and proved as a backbone of Saidu Teaching Hospital for the whole Malakand Divison.


Faculty Staff of General ICU

Dr Misal khan            Assistant professor 
Dr Amir Zeb Swati     Assistant professor
Dr Shamuel               Junior Registrar

Medical officers
Dr Fazal Rabi
Dr Ashraf
Dr Rajiv Kumar
Dr Naseer Ahmad
Dr Zain khan
Dr Imran khan